Alyssa in Wonderland: A Short Film

An artistic, behind-the-scenes look at Alyssa’s life. This project was filmed, directed and edited by Alyssa Trahan, containing excerpts of poetry she wrote. All rights reserved. Copyright 2019, Alyssa Trahan.

About Alyssa

Born and raised in the Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Alyssa Trahan (also known as Alyssa Sharpe) is an Artist, Astrologer, Author & Actress. Alyssa has over 120,000 subscribers on her channel, Alyssa Trahan, making millions laugh with her candid and crass way of talking about the zodiac signs. Because of her reach on her channel, she has read thousands of charts for people from all over the world.  Currently, Alyssa resides in Los Angeles, CA and runs a weekly podcast, Embracing Glory, and has recently published a poetry anthology, entitled Hell.  

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Hell: A Collection on Poetry and Images

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Astrological Stats

Sun: Libra | Ascendant: Pisces | Moon: Taurus | Life Path: 8 | Dynasty: Rose

Embrace Your Glory

Alyssa has discovered a new way of looking at a natal chart that incorporates your moon sign and degree.  This system truly understands your body and emotions, and can tell you everything you want to know about your purpose, destiny and how you can progress the world. If you would like to learn more about this system, follow the link to Morningstar Ascension.

Morningstar Ascension